My Year in Review: 2023

In 2023, I found myself becoming more involved in running, as reflected in my blog posts this year. This post serves as my annual reflection on the events of 2023. I hope we can extract some lessons from these experiences.

2023 : Year of Running


As the new year started, we got busy planning and setting goals for 2023. Alongside our work, I made time for running. On January 1st, I ran 23 kilometers to celebrate the beginning of the year. Also, I started training for a marathon and accomplished something big: I ran over 30 kilometers for the first time ever. These achievements gave me a boost of energy and determination for the year ahead, both in my personal life and in leading Suitmedia.


It was a month filled with new challenges and exciting experiences. I continued to push my limits in running, achieving a significant milestone by conquering a route with over 1000 meters of elevation gain for the first time. The next day, I participated in the Run Against Cancer (RAC) 2023 event in Semarang, completing a 10-kilometer run to contribute to this meaningful cause. As part of my marathon training journey, I reached a peak distance of 38 kilometers, pushing through both physical and mental barriers in preparation for my debut marathon.


It was an unforgettable month filled with significant milestones and exciting adventures. I achieved a significant milestone by completing my debut marathon at the Tokyo Marathon 2023, a journey filled with determination and triumph. Following this exhilarating experience, I embarked on a nostalgic journey to South Korea after several years, exploring the vibrant cities of Busan, Daegu, and Seoul. The highlight of my time in South Korea was reuniting with my KAIST classmates to celebrate a decade of friendship, reminiscing about old times and creating new memories together. In Seoul, I also had the opportunity to participate in the half marathon event (R2) of the Seoul Marathon 2023, adding another memorable race to my repertoire.  To cap off the month in style, I traveled back to Japan to meet my girlfriend, immersing ourselves in the enchanting landscapes and rich heritage of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Tokyo.


I traveled from Japan to Singapore for a business meeting before returning to Jakarta to kick off the busy second quarter at work. The start of the second quarter kept me busy with various projects and initiatives. Despite the hustle, I made sure to find moments of balance and reflection amidst the bustling activity of the office. This month reinforced the importance of adaptability and resilience in both work and life.


This month, I achieved another running milestone by joining the ASICS Marathon Team, a fantastic opportunity that promises to elevate my running journey. Training with the team began promptly, immersing myself in tailored workouts and expert guidance. Additionally, I tackled the challenging Ambarrukmo Volcano Run 2023, completing a demanding half marathon course.


This month was a whirlwind of activity as I balanced intensive training with the ASICS Marathon Team and my demanding workload. Despite the busyness, I remained dedicated to both my running goals and professional commitments. In between training sessions and work tasks, I participated in the Mandiri Jogja Marathon 2023, completing a challenging half marathon course with determination.


As I delved into the third quarter at work, I remained focused on balancing my professional responsibilities with my passion for running. The highlight of the month was completing my second marathon at the Pocari Sweat Run 2023. This achievement reflected months of dedicated training and resilience.


It was a month of excitement and camaraderie as I embarked on a trip to Bali for both running and a company gathering. This unique opportunity allowed me to bond with almost all of my Suitmedia team members in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Amidst the fun-filled activities, I also participated in the Maybank Bali Marathon 2023, completing a challenging half marathon course. The combination of running and team-building activities made August a memorable and fulfilling month, reinforcing the importance of both personal connections and physical well-being in our professional journey.


This month was filled with personal milestones and running achievements. I celebrated my birthday in Bali with a half marathon, continuing a tradition I've cherished since 2022. Upon returning to Jakarta, I participated in the Panglima TNI Run 2023, pushing myself to new heights on the track.


As Q4 commenced at work, I faced the last push to improve business performance after previous challenges. Simultaneously, I continued training for my third marathon of the year.


This month was packed with challenges and triumphs. I ventured into trail running for the first time, exploring Tangkuban Perahu's rugged terrain. Just a week before my marathon, I ran a swift 10 kilometers in the BTN Jakarta Run 2023. Then, I tackled my third marathon at the Borobudur Marathon 2023, crossing the finish line with a sense of fulfillment.


It was a whirlwind of adrenaline and achievement. I embraced the rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas in my first-ever trail run race, conquering the challenging 30-kilometer course at Siksorogo Lawu Ultra 2023. Additionally, I pushed my limits by participating in double races in a single day: first, sprinting through the Asics 5K Trial in Ancol, then joining a relay team for the UI Ultra 2023, where we collectively conquered 70 kilometers

Looking back on the journey from January to December, this year has been truly remarkable. From celebrating running milestones to navigating professional challenges, each month brought its own set of lessons and achievements. Highlights include embracing trail running for the first time, participating in double races in a day, and joining prestigious marathon teams. Moreover, traveling to Japan and South Korea rekindled my passion for exploration and cultural discovery, adding rich experiences to the tapestry of the year. Despite the business not meeting our expected targets, we mustn't lose hope. It's a reminder to work smarter and harder next year, pushing through setbacks with determination and resilience. As the year comes to a close, I am filled with gratitude for the adventures, connections formed, and personal growth experienced. Here's to embracing new challenges and continuing to push boundaries in the year ahead!

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