My Year in Review: 2020

It never gets easier, you just get better. 💪

This year is not that good for almost everyone. Many people lost their loved ones due to health situation. Many people also lost their jobs due to economic crisis.

Year 2020 showed us what essentials in our life and why we should be grateful. If we are still alive and have good relationship with our loved ones, these are more than enough to be thankful.

This blog post is an annual review of what happened in my life in 2020, what went well and what didn't go well, so I can learn something from the past year experiences.

Suitmedia Goes to Bali (2020)


I spent end-year vacation in Bali to attend my friend's wedding, returned to Jakarta on January 1st, and was greeted a flood. Our flight couldn't land at HLP and had to land at CGK airport. 😅

This month I felt productive since I wrote summaries of two my favourite books : The E-Myth and ReWork. Those are two of the most influential books for my professional life.


On February 10, we had a blessing to have a company retreat in Bali. We stayed in Bali for 3 days and some people extended their holidays. I feel really grateful for working with my current teammates.

On February 19, I joined Kelas Inspirasi Bandung and this time I took role as teaching volunteer after three years of being facilitator. This volunteering event was also the only Kelas Inspirasi that I involved in 2020 because there is no direct interaction in school during pandemics.