Trip to Dieng Plateau

Last August there was the 5th Dieng Culture Festival, held in the beautiful highlands of Dieng Plateau in Central Java. It is located in Wonosobo, a small city in Central Java, around 8-hours away from Jakarta. There you could watch several art and cultural performances, while enjoying the beautiful highland view.

Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau

The easiest way to go to Dieng is taking flight or train to Semarang or Jogjakarta, and then get public bus to Wonosobo (~3 hours) and transfer to small bus to Dieng (~1 hour). However, my group chose to rent a bus from Jakarta to Wonosobo. It took almost 10 hours due to traffic problems along the way to get there (normally it takes ~ 8 hours).

Dieng is 8 hours away from Jakarta by bus.