The Spectrum Talks is an Indonesian business podcast which I host with Suitmedia. Our mission is to spread a broad range of insights about business, technology, and entrepreneurship. You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

#1: Effective startup finance strategy ft. Fajrin Rasyid

#2: Women entrepreneurship ft. Diajeng Lestari

#3: Scaling up engineering culture ft. Nugroho Herucahyono

#4: Professionalism and social responsibility ft. Sonny Satriyono

#5: Ups and downs in building media company ft. Hendri Salim

#6: Delivering a great IT consulting service ft. Julian Sukmana Putra

#7: Journey of building startups and learning from mentors ft. Adi Arriansyah

#8: The importance of great product management skills ft. Hadikusuma Wahab

#9: Game industry in Indonesia ft. Shieny Aprilia

#10: Chararacteristics of Gen Y & Gen Z at work ft. Miranti Kemala

#11: The art of IT project management ft. Rudianto Thong

#12: Startup bootstrapping ft. Narenda Wicaksono

#13: Another side of a public figure's life ft. Kevin Julio

#14: Finding your life purpose ft. Merry Riana

#15: Running high-tech B2B services ft. Meidy Fitranto

#16: Scaling up family business successfully ft. Salman Subakat

#17: Local brand goes international ft. Eduardus Adityo

#18: Lessons learned from a very long-term career ft. Condrojoko Widjiasto

#19: Building startup in energy sector ft. Fajar Sastrowijoyo

#20: Digital insights and strategies for the new normal ft. Dion, Yuki, Hasnah

#21: Creative marketing ideas to help your business during pandemic ft. Priyadi & Jalu

#22: How to effectively use social media and online advertising ft. Farhan, Rio, Sari

#23: Producing a spot-on content strategy for your brand ft. Chiko, Rhara, Fika

#24: How to stay productive while working from home ft. Dandy, Yoga, Nia

#25: The importance of technology innovation for business survival ft. Richan & Ido

#26: Digital business transformation in the new normal era ft. Zaky, Fajrin, Almika

#27: Big data and digital media monitoring ft. Aqsath Rasyid

#28: Building tech startup in Artificial Intelligence (AI) ft. Teguh Eko Budiarto

#29: Writing best-selling novels and practicing continuous improvement ft. Adhitya Mulya

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