Hello! My name is Anggri (앙그리). I'm twenty-something years old. I was born in Solo, grew up in Yogyakarta and Bandung, spent some good time in Seoul, and now I'm living in Jakarta.

I help multinational corporations improve their performance by solving problems across the organization and delivering digital transformation.

Currently I'm running a digital consulting firm with 100+ creative people in Jakarta and Bandung. Previously I spent few years working as Senior Software Engineer in the world's biggest tech company.

Basically I'm a computer geek, have been in love with programming since high school, graduated from the best technical university in Indonesia, majoring computer science. Later, I received full scholarship from the best technical university in South Korea, majoring business management (MBA), specialized in IT and Media.

I started this blog in 2006, mostly writing about my daily life just for fun, like other teenagers at that time. As time goes by, I began to write better. No more teenager rants, hopefully ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog. Don't forget to leave some nice comments. Have a good day!

Disclaimer: All my writings in this blog do not represent the company I work for nor any organizations affiliated with me.

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