My Year in Review: 2013

“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” ― Bill Watterson

Awesomely hectic! Those are two words to describe my life in 2013. I spent my 2013 mostly for... studying (!!). As I mentioned in my previous year-in-review (written in Bahasa), thank God, I got MBA scholarship from the best university in Korea. Coming from different education background, Computer Science, I set my goal in 2013 was to gain new knowledge as much as possible during this intensive one-year MBA course. Somehow it cost me my life balance due to the crazy workload. Well, in the end I should be thankful because only by God's guidance and protection, I could survive and perform well in foreign country.

KAIST Information & Media MBA 2013

안녕하세요! So here I was in Seoul, surviving the first winter in my life with crazy cold weather -16.5°C!! I just started new life chapter pursuing master degree in Korea. I came to Seoul in the last Sunday of 2012 and just spent new year's eve by doing 'nothing' around Gwanghwamun with some new friends. In the first day of the year, we went to Nami Island, one of Winter Sonata's filming locations, for sightseeing. Right the day after, we had pre-academic event: new student orientation. It was a good time to know all classmates. They all looked smart; some students are managers in big corporations with a lot of years of experience.

This program gave me opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. In this month, we took a short semester of 4 weeks consisted of: IT Strategy & Management, Media Economics, and Business Presentation. It was not busy until the exam week when nobody had proper sleep, not even took a shower before class. Well, it was cold winter ;-) However, school life was not that hard, saying goodbye to the loved one was the hardest part.

Winter Trip #WowKorea

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire."
― Edith Sitwell

Winter came earlier in Korea this year. I remember that Nov 18 was the first snowfall this year. Although it's not my first winter, I was still very excited for the snowfall experience, maybe because I came from a tropical country, Indonesia. The soft snowflakes were like kisses from heaven, cooling down my head that heated by all school assignments.

Winter at Gangwon Province, South Korea

Last Friday, Dec 13, finally I was able to join a trip organized by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). It was the day after I had a 5-hour in-class exam (Yes! 5-hour exam till 10pm, but still I could't finish well for the last question, haha!!). So, the trip was really refreshing for me ^^. We went to Yongpyong Resort, one of the best ski resorts in Korea, located in Gangwon province. I went there by shuttle bus from Jamsil at 6.10am (first departure). You should book the shuttle bus in advanced because many people are going there during the winter season. Anyway, you should use Internet Explorer and read Korean to book the ticket ^^'. It took 3 hours to get to Yongpyong, long enough to continue paying my sleep debt.

Seoul was cold. Yongpyong was even colder.

Yongpyong Ski Resort (용평 리조트 스키장) is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Korea. It is going to be one of few venues in 2018 Winter Olympics, the biggest winter multi-sport event. Yongpyong has 28 ski slopes and it is suitable for various level of skiers, from beginners to experts. Among those 28 slopes, the famous one is probably Rainbow. Rainbow slope is the highest course (around 1,210 meters) and also the longest one (around 5,600 meters). However, if you're a beginner like me, you can try the Mega Green slope, which is only 700 meters long, quite wide and not that steep (only 12 degree).