My Year in Review: 2016

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years." — Bill Gates

The quote above is somehow true since 2016 was the year that I probably overestimated what I could achieve in one year. However, I'm still grateful for all positive things that happened last year. This blog post is just a documentation of my life in a year. I hope we can learn something from what we experienced in 2016.

Toba Lake (2016) with Indra, Hasan, Devis

Intermezzo: Just like my previous year-in-review posts, here are some better year-in-review contents. You can just skip reading the remaining text anyway 😁


New year started with some good things: short trip to Rancabali Tea Plantation, new episode of Sherlock, and 5th anniversary celebration of Indonesia Mengajar.

There was also a small indie music concert which featured my favourite local bands: White Shoes And The Couples Company, Payung Teduh, and Sore! All were performing in the same stage! Perfect! 👌🏽