Tech Startup Investment

As a startup founder, at some point you will meet potential investors. First-time founders usually don't really understand how to choose investor and how to prepare themselves before meeting them. This article summarized some books and articles about investing in tech startups, and hopefully it helps founders to make better decision.

Not all people who have a lot of money to invest are good investors. There are five qualities of good investors:

1. Money. Good investors provide you more than enough money to scale up your business, so you can focus on executing your vision and strategic plan.

2. Time. Good investors will always have time with the founders to discuss very important issues. Moreover, it would be great if the time horizon of their investment suit your growth plan.

3. Network. Good investors provide meaningful customer and more investor introductions.

4. Expertise. Good investors give actionable advice that saves the founders time and money – or keeps them from making mistakes. They should know your business model and industry.

5. Chemistry. Good investors are good partners. Do the "airport test", whether you'd be able to handle being stuck in an airport with the investor for an extended period of time.

Five qualities of (startup) investors