My Year in Review: 2017

“Don't hope for a life without problems. There's no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems.” ― Mark Manson

This blog post is a regular review of what happened in my life in 2017, what went well and what went wrong. Hope we can learn something from here.

Bukit Merese, Tanjung Aan, Lombok

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I think there is no better way to distract ourselves from negative things than doing a lot of productive works. It definitely helps us to move on to the next better things.

This month I volunteered in Kelas Inspirasi Lombok for the first time. As a teacher I shared about my profession and my life story to elementary students in MI Bilok Petung, Sembalun. FYI, Sembalun is a gateway village to hike to the famous Mount Rinjani.

It was also my first experience visiting Lombok island, so I took a leave for few days to travel around Gili Trawangan and southern part of Lombok. I think South Lombok (Tanjung Aan Beach, Merese Hill, Kuta Beach, Seger Beach, etc) will be as popular as Bali in the next decade if the development is progressing well.

Second time involved in Kelas Inspirasi Yogyakarta as voluntary teacher. I got assignment to SDN Kebonharjo, around 30km from the downtown where 2G signal is rarely available. Despite of the happiness that I got when sharing to those kids, I had electronic accident that broke both my MacBook and my Android phone there. Lesson learned: Be careful when you plug audio jack from an old sound system to your electronic devices.

Works got busier. The challenge is about being productive, not just being busy.

Again, another Kelas Inspirasi, it was my third involvement as volunteer in Bandung. It always feels good to share about our values to those kids : honesty, hard work, perseverance, and independence.

It was the first time for me to join Kelas Inspirasi Bali. It took place in Karangasem region, one of the less-developed areas in Bali. The people and kids there are very nice. Glad to meet all the new friends and volunteers.

March 31, I attended the best live concert in my life. It was Coldplay in Singapore Stadium. I was so lucky to be able to get the online ticket while there are thousands of fans in Asia couldn't buy it online. It was amazing to stand just few meters in front of Chris Martin while singing our favourite songs with all those fans. This Coldplay concert made me realize that all those EDM festivals in Jakarta are actually overpriced and not worth the money. 🙊

Started the new month with another music festival in Jakarta, not an EDM one. On that day I also randomly booked the highest-rating backpacker capsule hostel nearby the venue, Wonderloft, and turned out it's owned by my senior in ITB. Sometimes it's fun to travel alone and meet some good strangers.

There were three very important things that I learned about politics: people are irrational, excellence doesn't guarantee votes, and bullshit unfortunately still works.

One of few quotes that I remember when I have to get too many sh*ts done at work: "The struggle is where greatness comes from." – Ben Horowitz

At work, Suitmedia was invited by the Ministry of Industry to represent Indonesia in CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore. It was a good event to build networking in South East Asia region.

"A friend may be waiting behind a stranger's face." – Maya Angelou

I think it has been almost 9 years since the last time I gave a public talk show in ITB. Back then I was sharing about a Linux distro that we developed to ease students work with open source softwares. This year I was sharing about career in IT industry, especially how fresh graduates can contribute in digital marketing industry.

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This year was the second time I volunteered in Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta as facilitator to help all other volunteers in my group do their job in SDN Lagoa, North Jakarta. It was very interesting experience because the school was so welcome and they even performed their best dances, marching band, and other student extracurriculars.

This month was also special for me because finally I managed to arrange my first family trip after more than a decade we haven't traveled together. It was also my parents' first experience traveling aboard. I couldn't be happier than seeing my parents very excited and very happy.

I travelled a lot in August, from Yogyakarta, Singapore, to Toba Samosir. It was my second trip to Toba Samosir, North Sumatra, after visiting IT Del for guest lecturing in the previous year. This time I volunteered in Kelas Inspirasi in SDN 176365 Janji Maria. It is a small school in a village in Balige with only 30 lovely students in the elementary school.

A quick escape to Bali to celebrate my 30th birthday made me realise that age is just a number, physical attribute is a gift, and maturity is a choice.

It was my 7th Kelas Inspirasi of the year. I volunteered again in KIJP, this time as a facilitator in SDN 01 Pulau Pari. Pari island is one of the tourism islands in Kepulauan Seribu, so it was kinda half volunteering and half travelling, definitely more fun than my two previous experiences in KIJP 😁

Business is always getting busier in Q4, and November is usually one of the busiest month of the year. What I remember is just work, work, and work.

Timing is everything, isn't it?
👩🏽 : If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.
👨🏽 : What's that?
👩🏽 : Timing. But timing's a b*tch!

"Greatness is setting ambitious goals that your former self would have thought impossible, and trying to get a little better every day." – Tim Ferriss

Recently I was wondering if my goal is ambitious enough or if I'm trapped in my own comfort zone. Then, I found a 10x thinking, a mental shift we need to achieve higher degree of growth and contribution. I'm not there yet, but at least I know in which direction I have to head. Happy new year!

PS: Bonus playlist of my top songs 2017 🙈

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