A Head Full of Dreams

"When you try your best, but you don't succeed." – Coldplay, Fix You. That was what I thought when I couldn't get the ticket for Coldplay concert in Singapore last November. As a Coldplay fan since high school (early 2000s), when first time I heard that they were going to have Asia tour, I was excited and hoped that Coldplay would perform in Indonesia. Unfortunately they didn't come to Indonesia, but to Singapore, Thailand, and The Philippines. Unbelievable.. 😤

Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams Tour 2017 at Singapore

Few days after the first batch of Coldplay Singapore tickets sold out in few minutes and crashed the system, Live Nation Lushington announced that they would hold additional day for Coldplay concert in Singapore. After getting standby an hour before the ticketing started, I finally managed to secure some tickets! Yeay!! 😊 Meanwhile, most of my friends who couldn't get ticket on this second batch decided to wait for the Bangkok tickets.

Thursday, March 31, after putting my stuffs in a hotel in Bencoleen Street, I decided to take a walk around the bay before coming to the stadium. I went to Gardens By The Bay to see their (artificial) nature park. Later I regretted since it is really huge (~100 hectares) and my legs were tired after walking for more than 4 hours. 😰 At 3pm I went back to my hotel, took a shower and rested my legs for few minutes before going to the stadium.

Although the gate actually opened at 6pm, many crazy fans came to the stadium from 12pm. I arrived at the stadium around 4.15pm and the queue was already very long. Well, the long queue was only for standing ticket holders, not seated ticket holders, as we all paid more to be closer to the artist. Luckily, some of my friends came earlier to the stadium so I could slip into them. 🙈 At 6pm the gate opened and we ran to the ticket scanner, took the Xyloband, and ran to the front of the stage to secure the closest space to the stage. Everyone's super excited! 😆

Waiting in the line

After waiting for 2 hours outside the stadium and another 2 hours inside, finally.. an early 20th century soprano aria titled "O Mio Babbino Caro" was played in the stadium. This song is the opening intro of all Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams tour all over the world. And then the lights turned off, some intro videos played, and then it got dark again...

...then suddenly all xylobands were turned on red!! Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will were walking to the stage just around 10 metres in front of me.. 😱 #starstruck

A Head Full of Dreams – as the opening song, which was also the title of this concert tour, was played amazingly. This song was so ecstatic, colourful, and explosive as Chris ran forward to the stage B while singing to the refrain, then he jumped and the colourful pyro exploded. Holy sh*t.. I was more than excited...

Just before the second song was played, again the light went dark and then all xylobands were turned on.. Yellow !! It was one of their most popular songs, and I guess everyone there had some life experiences which relatable to this song 😜 Yellow is about feeling of brightness, hope, and devotion. However, it was inspired by an unrequited love story. 😅

Every Teardrop is Waterfall – The first single from their fifth studio album, Xylo Miloto. Well performed. "I turn the music up, I got my records on.." 👍

The Scientist – One of the most popular Coldplay songs, usually played when we just got a broken relationship. Well, almost everybody did. "Oh take me back to the start.." 😌

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Paradise – a song about escaping the reality through dreams and paradise. "When she was just a girl, she expected the world, but it flew away from her reach. So she ran away in her sleep.." 💭

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Always in My Head – the first song from the sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, which is also the most melancholic album of Coldplay. "My body moves, goes where I will. But though I try, my heart stays still.." 😌

Magic – a song about our previous happy relationship, failed to move on. Ouch. "And I just got broken, broken into two. Still I call it magic, when I'm next to you.." 😌

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Everglow – another song that was probably inspired by CM's divorce. "They say people come, say people go. This particular diamond was extra special. Though you might be gone, and the world may not know. Still I see you, celestial.." 😌

Clocks – one of my favourite Coldplay songs. The piano riff was inspired by Muse, another English rock band. This song is about contradiction and urgency. "Come out upon my seas, cursed missed opportunities. Am I a part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease?" 😐

Charlie Brown – song about a boy who stole car keys to take it to a party and met a girl 😅 "All the boys, all the girls, all the madness that occurs. All the highs, all the lows, as the room a-spinning goes. We’ll run wild, we’ll be glowing in the dark.."

Hymn for Weekend – This song has become my anthem for the last few months. Having an angelic figure in our life can lift us up. "Oh, angel sent from up above. You know you make my world light up. When I was down, when I was hurt, you came to lift me up." 😇

Fix You – who doesn't like this song.. it was initially written by Chris for Gwyneth to comfort her after her father passed away. Sadly, some circumstances made them separated years later. "Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you.." 😌

Viva La Vida – reminds us a glorious past. "I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word. Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own.." 👑

Adventure of a Lifetime – for me it's a song about becoming a legend! Haha.. "Turn your magic on, to me she'd say, everything you want's a dream away. Under this pressure, under this weight, we are diamonds." 💠

Don't Panic – in Singapore this song was sung by Will Champion. One of the legendary songs from Coldplay's first album. For me it's the third best song in that album after Yellow and Shiver. "Homes, places we’ve grown. All of us are done for. We live in a beautiful world. Yeah we do, yeah we do.." ☮

Til Kingdom Come – I couldn't believe that they played this song 💙 probably the best hidden track of Coldplay, a song about the end of a man's life. "Steal my heart and hold my tongue I feel my time, my time has come.." 😌

Amazing Day – one of the best Coldplay's song lyrics.. "Forget the world and all its weight. Here I just wanna stay, amazing day, amazing day.." ⭐

Something Just Like This – is about a relationship that doesn't need to be superhumanly perfect. The colorful confetti in the stadium helped enliven this song. 🎉

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A Sky Full of Stars – the best song from Ghost Stories album, as I think it's the most positive song in that gloomy album 😅 "Cause you're a sky full of stars, 'cause you light up the path.." 🌟

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Up & Up  – a song of optimism.. "We’re gonna get it, get it together, I know we’re gonna get it together somehow.." 😊

I can say that #ColdplaySingapore was the best concert I ever attended in my life so far. The hype, excitement, expectation, and reality were all great. Previously I had been watching some Coldplay concerts in YouTube, like the one in Arsenal Stadium 2012 or some live performances for BBC, and now I just experienced watch them live just in few metres in front of us. Super excited! 🍻 I really hope that I can watch Coldplay again in Indonesia or in other countries. England, maybe. Cheers! 😉

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