My Year in Review: 2016

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years." — Bill Gates

The quote above is somehow true since 2016 was the year that I probably overestimated what I could achieve in one year. However, I'm still grateful for all positive things that happened last year. This blog post is just a documentation of my life in a year. I hope we can learn something from what we experienced in 2016.

Toba Lake (2016) with Indra, Hasan, Devis

Intermezzo: Just like my previous year-in-review posts, here are some better year-in-review contents. You can just skip reading the remaining text anyway 😁


New year started with some good things: short trip to Rancabali Tea Plantation, new episode of Sherlock, and 5th anniversary celebration of Indonesia Mengajar.

There was also a small indie music concert which featured my favourite local bands: White Shoes And The Couples Company, Payung Teduh, and Sore! All were performing in the same stage! Perfect! 👌🏽

This month I joined Kelas Inspirasi Yogyakarta for the first time. I was assigned to share my experience in SDN Srumbung. It is located in Bantul Regency, ~19 km from the downtown of Yogyakarta, the city where I spent my childhood. The kids were all very nice, and I was very happy when one of them said that she wants to be a software engineer. Yeay! 😍

Not only in Yogyakarta, this month I also joined Kelas Inspirasi Bandung. It was my second experience in Bandung, the lovely city where I grew up as adult. I was assigned to SDN Cidadap 2, nearby UPI campus. Most kids were nice, really kind.. but few were naughty, little pranksters. At one class, while I was explaining about my job to 2nd year class, a kid was accussed of shitting defecating. I was panic for few minutes until I realized that was false allegation by his classmates. Oh boy... 😐

It was getting really busy at work. New interesting clients, new exciting projects! ⚽️

This was my second voluntary works with Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau (KIJP), and I was assigned to SDN Satu Atap Pulau Tunda. It is located in northern of Banten province. While my first KIJP experience in the previous year was "challenging", this time it was so fun. The kids in Pulau Tunda are very kind, and the view are very good. Everybody's happy! 😊

As reminder why we should not only work smart, but also work hard..

It was my fourth experience involved in Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta. This time I took a role as facilitator to help my group understand the objectives and plan how to achieve those objectives through well-prepared lesson plans. We were assigned to teach at SDN Marunda 02. It was probably the biggest group ever in Kelas Inspirasi with 35 inspirators, 6 documentators, and almost a thousand of students. Blessed! 🙏🏽

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This month I was invited to be a guest lecture at Jakarta State Polytechnic (PNJ) to share about enterpreneurship and business development. It was my first time to teach Graphic Design students, while I usually give guest lecture for Computer Science students. It was also very interesting to hear so many creative business ideas from Design students.

My best friends / KAIST classmates came from Korea to Indonesia for vacation. They were heading to Gili, Lombok, but stopped by Jakarta. It was a quick meeting but nice to see them again 😊

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At work, one of our projects was displayed in Indonesia Cellular Show (ICS) 2016. It got appreciation from the Minister of ICT, and more than 100,000 people played the game until the end of season.

Pokemon Go was first released in the US on July 6. However, I managed to install it and played it in Jakarta. In the first few weeks, I probably walked for more than 10 km to get Pokemons, day and night, especially on the weekends. Meanwhile, in sport, France lost to Portugal in the final of UEFA Euro Cup – and KD surprisingly joined Warriors!! 💪🏽

At work, we were invited by Jakarta Smart City to share about Nebengers at Jakarta Fair. At that time I was overprepared since I thought that the audience would be some experts in smart city. I compiled some journals and researches about how sharing economy can improve the smart city. Turned out that the audiences were just common visitors who mostly looked for sales discounts, not for knowledge 😂 So, I just simplified the presentation, skipped the serious parts, and just told some good stories about Nebengers. Lesson learned: Over prepare, then go with the flow!

This month I was invited by my old friend to share the journey of Suitmedia at alumni gathering of Del Institute of Technology. Well, I hope someday I can share my experiences or give some guest lecture at my own almamater 😊

We are all human. When we are mentally really tired, it means we need a break to figure everything out clearly..

Frankly I can't remember positive notable things that happened in August-September. Q3/2016 was super busy time at work. Well, just like what Sherlock said in the newest episode last night, "Work is the best antidote to sorrow, Mrs Hudson."

It was my second time giving guest lecture at the Faculty of Computer Science, UI. It always feels good to share something with the students, from elementary to university.

One of my new clients hold a big internal event in Bali that month, so we sent a supporting team for a week there and I joined them in the last few days before taking a short vacation. Days went fast so I promised myself to come back again soon.

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After flying back from Bali to Jakarta, I spent four hours at home, long enough to get some sleep and get my laundry, then fly to Siborong-borong, Tapanuli Utara. I'm grateful to have many good friends who are working in academia. They invited me to give some guest lectures in their university 🙏🏽

After two days of guest lecturing, my friends took me around Danau Toba. It was the best place I visited in 2016! Someday I will come again to explore the other area 😊

Few weeks later.. It's good to take a break from routines (again), allow myself to slow down, relax, find nature, do nothing, take a mental break, be grateful no matter what.

It was reminder not to take things personally..

At work, in the last 12 months, we've been helping 50+ clients with 100+ projects, mostly tech development. And after evaluating what we achieved as new unit, we decided to have small treat to our team, a day-off at amusement park and dinner at a cozy restaurant 🍻

And as reminder when we feel tired of trying hard..

New year is usually associated with new annual resolution, new goals. However, instead of setting new goals, I think it's better to focus on building a new system to make sure we will actually make progress. Committing to the process is what makes the difference. Just setting goals is not.

Let's build a system to help us become a better person. Happy new year!

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