My Year in Review: 2021

"The difference between good and great is often an extra round of revision." – James Clear

Year 2021 feels like going very fast. Here we are already in the last day of the year and this is my annual blog post about what happened in my life in 2021, what went well, and what went wrong. I hope we can learn something from this.


I was still in Bali, enjoying my long stay there and re-setting my lifestyle. I spent new year's eve by going to bed early like what I usually did while I was there. In the first day of the year, I woke up early and went to Sanur to see the first sunrise of the year and then did running for 5 km. It wasn't that far because I wasn't into running at that time.

I started eating consciously, no diet anymore but everything is well-considered. I started sleeping in scheduled time, going bed early, and waking up early. I started exercising regularly, especially cycling and running. I rode my bike around 973 km while I was staying in Bali.

Lesson learned: I believe new year's resolutions don't work. Habits and systems can. So I focus building good habits and supporting systems, so I can achieve goals. It's not only about work, but also about my physical and mental health.


I volunteered to support my senior in the alumni election. I believe that the ideal alumni organization should give three benefits to the members: having fun through common hobbies, professional network, and social impacts. We don't have to shoot for ambitious goal like solving all of our country's problems. Long story short... we didn't win the election lol. Lesson learned: You need a lot of resources (and friends) to win the election.


I started to enjoy running. Previously I planned to run 10 km every month, but then it became 10 km every week and sometimes more frequent. Later I finally ran Half Marathon for the first time! It was a personal achievement for me since I couldn't even run more than 5 km four months before.

This month I volunteered to Ruang Berbagi Ilmu, Kabupaten Luwu, Sulawesi Selatan. However, since there was still restriction for any offline meeting at school, so we decided to do it hybrid. We were sharing online and some local volunteers prepared everything else. It wasn't the best experience, but I hope teachers in Luwu can learn some things from what we shared.


Business got busier in Q2. I forgot what else I did back then...


I decided to have another long stay in Bali. This time I had a mission: cycling around the island! I managed to ride my bike for 3 days and covered 380km. It was the most fun solo experience I had this year.

I also kept doing my running routine, and I even did Half Marathon here. I ran from Kerobokan to Seminyak street down to Legian, Kuta, and Kartika Plaza. Then, I turned right to Jerman beach and ran along the beach until Seminyak. It was really fun! I couldn't walk normally for few days after that. Wrong shoes lol.


During my long stay in Bali, I really avoided any crowd and focused on maintaining my healthy habits: conscious eating, going bed early, and exercising. This time I covered 918 km by bike in a month (55 km less than the first long stay), but I ran farther because of the half marathon.


I volunteered to be captain of my alumni group of runners 😅, and ran another Half Marathon this month. Since the pandemic was getting worse, government applied more restrictions, so I rode my bike less but I ran more and farther.


During virtual independence day ceremony at office, I shared about how we should build resilience and have a growth mindset. It think it applies not only at work, but also in personal life. Running also taught me about resilience, because after some km it would make me bored but I had to keep going. This month I updated my target from running Half Marathon every quarter to running Half Marathon every month!


I couldn't recall any special thing in this month. I guess work got super busy again. I didn't even celebrate my birthday, just slept earlier and woke up early to run 10 km ++.


I think I worked too much, so I needed to remind myself that being effective is better than just being busy (or being productive).

Outside work I invited some of my colleagues to join Pocari Sweat Run in Bandung. We finally had a small family gathering, stayed overnight in a guesthouse, and ran in the morning around the city. It was fun! And I think we'll make it as a regular office event.


I decided to have another long stay in other city. This time was not Bali, but Jogja. I stayed for more than three weeks, and it was enough to ride bicycle from Jogja to Solo and back to Jogja, meet my Jogja team, and ran Half Marathon in Borobudur.

From Bandung I returned to Bandung to join ITB Ultra Cycling Challenge. It was the first event of cycling held by ITB alumni, so I was really excited. This was the first time I met some seniors in real life while we usually only met in WhatsApp group or Strava club.


Time really flies, especially since it was the busiest month of the year. Everyone's been working hard. Sometimes I was afraid that my team will experience burnout. I kept asking them how life was, how their physical and mental health were. Most of them were still okay, but some of them were not. I could just share about how I manage my stress and adjust the work policy so everyone is encouraged to take time-off. I hope we can do better next year with work-life balance for everyone.

Year 2021 was really challenging. I hope everyone survive. It's not going to be easier, we'll just get stronger. Happy new year!

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melquiadescaravan said...

Another fresh new year is here. Another year to live andtogive, another year to laugh ant to love. Anotheryear to make mistakes, to learn, o forget, to doubt, and to to enjoy.

Happy new year, Kak Anggi.