My Year in Review: 2015

This post is basically a regular review of my life, lessons learned from what went wrong and what went right in the past year.

Backpacking mode - in front of Duomo di Milano (2015)

Intermezzo: For much better year-in-review contents, just watch the following videos and skip the remaining stories of this post ;)


Although things were not as bright as it seems, I had to keep working hard and consider the new responsibilities as another new challenge. Godspeed.

It was classic battle between mind and heart, and this time I followed the heart. If we always trust the mind, we'll always act on logic, and logic doesn't always lead to happiness. Or does it?

While some people out there celebrated Valentine's Day with chocolates and flowers, this was what we did on Valentine's Day at Suitmedia: playing games and donating books to the orphanage.

It always feels good to share about our life story and our profession to these kids. It was the first time I participated in Kelas Inspirasi Bandung after participating in Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta few times before. It was also the first time I used Lightbot game to introduce programming concept to the kids.

The ministry of industry invited us to be one of the participants in CeBIT 2015 and ICT roadshow in several cities in Europe. I was very excited since it was my first experience to travel to Europe. First, I flied to Hamburg to have networking event organized by the General Consulate of Indonesia, then we traveled to Hanover to promote Indonesia IT potentials for a week.

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During that week, I took a day-off and escaped to Berlin by myself to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Finished with CeBIT, we traveled to Eindhoven and stopped by Lisse to enjoy Keukenhof. We were also invited to Embassy of Indonesia in Brussels for some networking events before visiting Bruges, another beautiful city. We ended our ICT roadshow trips in High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, where I shared about digital opportunities in Indonesia. After the business trip finished, I continued my journey for visiting friends and sightseeing in Paris, Rome, Venice, Milan, and Amsterdam in just few days. One of the best time in 2015! I will write the whole story in another post someday..

Back to the reality. After working with geeks (engineers and designers) for years, I realized that working with non-geeks is more challenging for me. While the geeks are usually straightforward and asking me directly if they found something they don't understand with the policy, some others are not.

And this is how we celebrated Kartini Day at Suitmedia :)

For the company I learned that three most important things to pay attention are team, communication, and cash flow, while for myself the work meaning should be more important than the money.

In May 2015 The Arsenal won FA Cup back to back! Yeay!

It was the most challenging month of the year since we had to spend such big amount for our office lease renewal and religious holiday allowance in the same time. $$$$$

Thank God, we managed to survive :')

As usual every Ramadan we invite orphans to have dinner together in our office. This time felt more special as we were grateful to survive a "critical" moment.

In order to celebrate the Independence Day, our interns joined #RinduLaguAnakIndonesia, a campaign started by some friends from Kelas Inspirasi Jakarta to record songs for Indonesian children.

Year 2015 was the first time I participated in Kelas Inspirasi as a committee member helping the publication (socialization), and I met new volunteer friends who are so passionate in education. It was even more special since the Inspiration Day was the same as my birthday :)

In this month, my business partner, Andreas, who is also co-founder of Nebengers (social ride-sharing platform) and I joined The NextDev, a startup competition organized by Telkomsel. Our app, Nebengers, got to the Top 20 finalist of the competition.

It was the first time I traveled so far (more than 5,000 km) to attend my friends' wedding ceremony – but promise is a promise. It was also good to meet almost all my best friends and my best professors in Korea again after 18 months, and took a break for a week there.

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Going back to Jakarta, I just took a day for rest, then went to Pulau Seribu for volunteering with Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau (KIJP). So far it was the most challenging voluntary teaching for me :)

After teaching elementary kids, I was blessed to get privilege to teach Computer Science students of University of Indonesia. I was invited to be guest lecturer in Business Administration lecture and I shared about Customer Development Model.

Few days later it was the grand final of The NextDev. Unfortunately, we didn't win the competition, but it's okay. We are currently revamping our applications.

The day after the grand final, I was invited to be one of the speakers at I shared about customer development (recycled my lecture at UI) and non-technical scalability for startups.

Spending such amount of time in helping a stock exchange and a private security through digital marketing strategy made interested in stock market again. Perhaps in 2016 I should invest more in stock market like what I did five years ago.

Well, I was surprised that I got chance to visit Korea again after two months. This time I was invited by ITU to join Young ICT Leaders' Forum in Busan, my second most favorite city in Korea.


My 2015 was awesome and probably better than 2014. However, it's still far from a "world-class" quality as I mentioned in the epilogue of my year-in-review in 2014. I myself am always in beta version. There are still many things that I have to learn hard this year, such as finance, communication, leadership, and even personal fitness.

Finally, happy new year! I hope everyone will be a better and happier person in 2016!

In front of Musée du Louvre (2015)

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better person." – Benjamin Franklin

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