Personal Productivity Empowerment

Last month, I was invited by the HR department of my workplace to attend a series of seminars titled "Personal Productivity Empowerment." The series comprised three topics: interpersonal skills, time management, and creativity. Each topic was covered over the course of one workday. Yes, it did consume a considerable amount of my work time. However, despite ultimately leading to overtime hours to catch up on pending tasks, seminars like these are undoubtedly worthwhile as they offer fresh perspectives. In this brief write-up, I'll share some key points that still resonate with me from the seminar:

Day 1 - Winning with People

"Any dream I can achieve without the help of others is too small." - John C. Maxwell

Success = Knowledge + Selling Skills + People Skills + Proper Attitude

  • Knowledge: Specific knowledge about our field of work
  • Selling Skills: Ability to sell products/services/ideas to others
  • People Skills: Ability to interact with others
  • Proper Attitude: Professional attitude towards work

People Skills = Think + Say + Act

  • Our perception of others is shaped by who we are. If we view others through a clear lens, we'll see those around us in a more positive light. 
  • In addition to speaking positively, we must also be good listeners by:
    • Making eye contact with the speaker
    • Avoiding interruptions
    • Showing interest or at least remaining neutral in expression
  • High Road Principle: We elevate our lives when we treat others better than they treat us.

Day 2 - Putting More Power in Your Hour

  • We must have life goals to ensure our actions remain focused on them. Activities that do not align with our goals should not be prioritized.
  • A balanced life encompasses at least eight aspects: personal, family, career, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial. Excelling in one aspect while faltering in others is no better than being average but consistent across all areas of life.
  • Ideal time management entails having most of our tasks in Quadrant 2: Important and Not Urgent. Some activities in Quadrant 1 are unavoidable. However, many activities in Quadrant 1 should ideally be in Quadrant 2 if we avoid procrastination.
  • Create a daily to-do list each morning before work or each evening before leaving. Then, tackle the list starting with the most challenging item for the day.

    Day 3 - Getting Creative and Starting That Way

    Three qualities support creativity:
    • Flexibility: Willingness to experiment with new things
    • Persistence: Resistance to succumbing to the status quo
    • Ability to combine unexpected elements


      "There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference! The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative." - W. Clement Stone

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