Biztrip to South Korea

안녕하세요 ^_^

Gratefully, I find myself in Suwon, South Korea at the moment :). It's been quite the journey since my arrival in September 2010, and my stay here extends until the end of November 2010 due to a business assignment. Being in Korea for the first time feels nothing short of amazing.

A quick rewind to the third week of August 2010: my supervisors surprised me by reassigning me to a new team and informing me of our upcoming projects at the Headquarter. It caught me off guard, especially amidst preparations for DVD-P 2011 development with my former colleagues. After careful consideration, I embraced the opportunity and transitioned to the BD-P software developer team.

Excitement brims within me as I delve into this new project, eager to acquire fresh knowledge and experiences. Working with a different product and chipset presents its challenges in embedded software development, demanding swift adaptation to new source code architectures. Transitioning from C to C++ programming and from Windows to Linux development environment adds to the learning curve, but the journey thus far has been rewarding.

Life in South Korea? It's been a delight! The Korean people exude kindness and diligence, and I must confess, many Korean girls are charming haha.. perhaps I've indulged a bit too much in SNSD and Wonder Girls' video clips XD. The transportation infrastructure here surpasses that of Indonesia, and the Internet connection is top-notch. As for the food, well, let's just say I'm still acquiring the taste for kimchi :p hehe. On weekends, I seize the opportunity to explore Gyeonggi-do, with hopes of sharing my adventures in an upcoming blog post.

Just a brief update for now. May I excel in my duties here, and may weekends bring a well-deserved respite (although, as fate would have it, I just received an email from my boss summoning me to the office tomorrow – on a Sunday! Life's unpredictability keeps things interesting! =)

Yeouido Park, South Korea

좋은 하루 되세요!

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