Biztrip to South Korea

안녕하세요 ^_^

Thank God, currently here I am in Suwon, South Korea :). I've been here since Sep 2010, and will stay here until the end of Oct 2010 November 2010 due to a business trip. It feels so amazing here since it is my first time to be in Korea.

A short flashback, in 3rd week of Aug 2010 my supervisors moved me to another team, then informed me that my new team would did some projects in the Headquarter. I was a little bit surprised at that time because they told me so suddenly, while I was in preparation phase of DVD-P 2011 development with my previous coworkers. After considering a few things, I took that opportunity and now joined the BD-P software developer team.

About the new project, I feel so enthusiastic to get more knowledge and experiences. Currently I work with different product and different chipset compared with my previous projects. In embedded software development, different chipset means different source code, also which means it needs hard work to learn the new code architecture as quick as possible. And it is very nice for me to move from C to C++ programming, from Windows to Linux development environment. Yeah, so far so good :)

About life in South Korea, hm.. it is great! Korean people are so kind and hardworking, and many Korean girls are cute *haha.. I guess I must be watching SNSD and Wonder Girls' video clips too much XD*. The transportation in South Korea is absolutely better than in Indonesia, and so is the Internet connection. Food? Well, I think I need longer adaptation time here before I can say kimchi is so yummy :p hehe. In weekend, I usually take a trip around Gyeonggi-do. Perhaps you'll read an article about travelling in South Korea on the next blog post ;).

Just a short blog update for now. May I do my job well here, and may I can enjoy a vacation every weekend (when I wrote this post, I got an email from my boss to come to office tomorrow (on Sunday!) ... well, **it happens, life goes on! =)

Yeouido Park, South Korea

좋은 하루 되세요!


  1. I've always wanted to go there. Dreaming that i met tae yeon accidentally and we got married in the end. Yeah, i watch K-drama.. Maybe too much.

    Have fun out there. Anyonghaseo! :)

  2. @anthony: thanks! that's also my wish to meet SNSD members here.. hehe xp

  3. Han River!!
    Itu salah satu tempat shooting We Got Married...
    kyaa kyaa...
    ada yang maen layangan di sana? :D

  4. @kacakaca: iya, ada yg main layangan di Han River..
    w00gh.. tau We Got Married? emangnya disiarin di Indonesia kah? :D

  5. pengalaman yang menarik,,,dan itu adalah salah satu impian terbesar saya saat ini, pengen banget bisa berkunjung ke sana,,ke semua tempat yang ada di sana...

    makasih buat berbagi pengalamannya, moga kelak saya juga bisa ke sana, amiiiinn...oya salam kenal sebelumnya...seneng bisa nemuin blog yang berbagi cerita tentang perjalanannya di Korea....;D

    riana imnida 24 y.o...^^

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, Riana. Semoga cita-cita Riana cepat terwujud! Amin :-)

  7. amiiinn,makasih...^^

    oya manggilnya apa nih??anggri ato oppa??hehe...oya wktu d korea ngbrol sm org2 korea pke bhsa korea gx??kyanya sneng yah klo udah bs bhsa korea jg, hehe...

  8. panggil aja anggri. hahaha, ngobrol pakai bahasa korea nya terbatas banget.. lebih banyak pakai bahasa inggris & bahasa tubuh :p

  9. oh ok deh anggri slm kenal lg, hehe....

    oya mang brp lama dsana??ktmu artsi korea nya jg kah??hihi...