YM Bible

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce my simple project, YM Bible :)

YM Bible is Yahoo messenger bot for auto-replying Bible verse request. If you are online and want to read any verse from Bible, but you don't bring your Bible, just send a message to YM Bible, then it will give you the verse. And of course, this service is free to use :).

To use YM Bible,
  1. (Optionally) Add ym_bible as your friend on your Yahoo messenger.
  2. Send a message to ym_bible, for example: "Yohanes 3 : 16", then you'll receive the verse :)

Today it only supports bible in Bahasa Indonesia (Terjemahan Baru). I still gave "Beta" for its released version, so please give me feedback after you use it.

[Update 2009] Sorry.. since I graduated from my college, I have no access to any server for YM Bible hosting. This service is not available for now.

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Heru Kristanto said...

Thanks min atas informasi nya.