During the recent PMK ITB retreat, Pak Forest Jieprang (alumnus of ITB's Civil Engineering, 1988) shared insights on "Leadership".

Photo by Anastasia Petrova

Leadership = 2C + 4E = Competency, Character, Energy, Energize, Edge, Execution


  • Path-finding: setting vision, mission, sensing direction, and crafting strategy
  • Aligning: ensuring alignment vertically and horizontally
  • Empowering: delegating tasks and empowering others by entrusting responsibilities
  • Modeling: leading by example and upholding integrity


  • To Live: thriving amidst challenges
  • To Love: finding passion in your work
  • To Learn: continuously seeking knowledge
  • To Leave A Legacy: preparing a legacy of leadership or a system of work

Energy: Maintaining enthusiasm

Energize: Encouraging others

Edge: Making tough decisions in challenging situations

Execution: Implementing your vision, mission, direction, and strategy

Leadership is a multifaceted journey, encompassing competency, character, energy, and execution. By embracing these principles, one can navigate the complexities of leadership with clarity, integrity, and effectiveness. 

Remember, true leadership is not just about leading; it's about inspiring others to reach their full potential and leaving a lasting impact.

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