Yesterday I came to "training for worker & candidate of manager" (in Bahasa : "pembekalan pekerja & calon pengurus" ? ... cmiiw, coz' my English is not too good :d) of PMK ITB in classroom 9012. The training was all about leadership. It should be how to have a spiritual leadership, but the speaker (Mr. Forest Jieprang, alumnus of PMK ITB and Civil Eng. ITB ('88)) gave us more about leadership globally, so that it could be useful for any organization, both spiritual and secular one. Now I just want to share some of those in this blog. May it be useful for you :)


Leadership -> 2C + 4E

2C :

1. Competency
- Path-finding - vision, mission, sense, strategy
- Aligning - vertical & horizontal aligning
- Empowering - delegation of work, then empowering (giving responsibility)
- Modeling - being a model & having integrity

2. Character
- To Live - survive on challenge
- To Love - love your work
- To Learn - keep learning
- To Leave A Legacy - prepare your legacy of leadership / system of work

4E :

1. Energy - have an enthusiasm
2. Energize - encourage another
3. Edge - make decisions in hard situation
4. Execution - execute your vision, mission, sense, and strategy


Btw, this morning I'd googled about some of those, and I found these interesting links :)

The Four Roles of Leadership
Big E, Little E, What Begins with E?

If you know other related links, please tell me or you can give comment on this post. :)


  1. Leadership... it's a hard thing to learn.
    FYI, read books from John C. Maxwell. I found it very inspiring.
    I've been in leadership training as well at my company... i have to coz i'm supervising staffs.

  2. @xu : I know that man. He is great in leadership (may be 'coz of his books :)

    "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." (John C. Maxwell)

    This quote sounds familiar for me. Who've said that ya? IF-er?

  3. There is a nice poems (hmm.... i don't know the best term to describe it, some kind of battle cries maybe) from my organization at high school.... i'd like to recite it here....

    Golden Triumph
    What is a leader?
    A leader is the one
    who knows the way,
    goes the way,
    and shows the way.

    What will you be?
    A Leader!!
    What will you all be?

    This might be a better resource