Pak Forest Jieprang, alumnus of PMK ITB and Civil Engineering ITB 1988, shared about Leadership on PMK retreat yesterday.

Leadership = 2C + 4E

  1. Competency
    • Path-finding - vision, mission, sense, strategy
    • Aligning - vertical & horizontal aligning
    • Empowering - delegation of work, then empowering (giving responsibility)
    • Modeling - being a model & having integrity
  2. Character
    • To Live - survive on challenge
    • To Love - love your work
    • To Learn - keep learning
    • To Leave A Legacy - prepare your legacy of leadership / system of work
  1. Energy - have an enthusiasm
  2. Energize - encourage another
  3. Edge - make decisions in hard situation
  4. Execution - execute your vision, mission, sense, and strategy


  1. Leadership... it's a hard thing to learn.
    FYI, read books from John C. Maxwell. I found it very inspiring.
    I've been in leadership training as well at my company... i have to coz i'm supervising staffs.

  2. @xu : I know that man. He is great in leadership (may be 'coz of his books :)

    "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." (John C. Maxwell)

    This quote sounds familiar for me. Who've said that ya? IF-er?

  3. There is a nice poems (hmm.... i don't know the best term to describe it, some kind of battle cries maybe) from my organization at high school.... i'd like to recite it here....

    Golden Triumph
    What is a leader?
    A leader is the one
    who knows the way,
    goes the way,
    and shows the way.

    What will you be?
    A Leader!!
    What will you all be?

    This might be a better resource