Blogger Wishlist

Today I do blogwalking and find an interesting post by Blogger Buster. Blogger Buster has announced a contest of writing a wishlist for Blogger. Actually, there is an official wishlist from Blogger here. But, Blogger Buster has an idea to request new features as a community. I think it's a good idea, besides the blogging package for first prize is nice :). So, here I will write my brilliant idea for features I wish Blogger have. :P

Blogger Buster Competition Announcement

Blogger Analytics !!

What is it, huh!? Have you ever heard or used Google Analytics? It's a Google product which can generate detailed statistics about visitors of our website. It is a very useful service for webmaster to analyze their website performances. It can track where visitors come from, what search engine they use to find our website, and some interesting things related with Google Adsense. And, the good news is... it's free :)

Then, I wish Google will integrate its Google Analytics features with Blogger, so that Blogger user can display the result of analytic features easily in their blogs. From this idea, I think Blogger may create many nice widgets such as:
  • Blog Counter, it's a simple feature, isn't it?
  • Visitors, including from what country, or something like ClustrMap and Globetrackr service
  • Most Viewed Post, not according to number of comments, but number of visitors readto the post.
  • Browser Statistic, what the most web browser which is used by the visitors
  • and so on :D

Other wishlists..
  • Integrated comment form with blogpost... yeah, it's coming soon :)
  • Archive page, displays list of our blogpost title grouped by month
  • Auto-summarization, generates "read more" link automatically, not by css-hacking.. XD
  • Static page

In the end, it doesn't even matter.. I hope Blogger will be better and better, including better than that most popular open source blog engine. :D



  1. Wew thx, I've just tried the integrated comment. But unfortunately the font (of Comment as) is hard-coded as black, while my background blogpage is dark :(
    Also I dunno where the width of comment-form is, I want to change the width of form so it's suitable with my page width... is it hard-coded too?
    Ummm I think I want to set it back to pop-up window :P

    tiba-tiba nge-indonesia

    Widget archive bukannya udah ada ya? Gw sih uda suka aja sama yg sekarang.

    Read more link automatically, SEPAKAT BANGET! :D Kemaren abis css-in itu tuh... ribet mesti narok span class="fullpost" di tiap posting. Trus klo kebetulan posting nya pendek dan ga pengen ada read more, tetep aja link read more nya muncul :(

    Btw, itu Popular Posts dan Top Commentators gmn cara ngoding nya?? Klo statistic2an, uda lah pake widget2 lain sajah... kasian kn klo smua blog uda ada fitur gtuan, jadi mereka ga dipake lagi deh. Gw sudah sangat terpuaskan dengan sitemeter dan MyBlogLog.

    Fitur lain yang gw pengen: Recent Comments, sama fitur yang bisa komen-in komentar orang tanpa harus ngasi comment baru itu.

    Woaaa jadi curhat gini gw comment panjang banget :D Saya blogger sejati lah!

  2. HAKHAKHAKHAKHAK *dengan malu mengatakan* sekarang saya suda menyadari cara bikin recent comments :P

  3. Thank you for your entry to the Blogger WishList competition!

    I am still verifying all entries and will announce the winners later today.

    Good luck and thank you for taking part!


  4. @rika:
    i think you can use css to change the text color of your comment :)
    for the popular posts and top commentators widget, you can find it in amanda's blog,

  5. @fitrasani:
    lebih bagus blogger ah.. ga bisa pakai custom domain secara gratis kan.. :P