Being Lab Work Assistant

This morning (Sept. 6th) I did my first job officially since I'd been a lab assistant. It's an interesting experience, to teach others practically. Although I ever became an assistant, or a trainer, for some IT trainings (usually held by Training & Workshop SubDivision - HMIF), it was still interesting because it was more official and different ;).

I was lab work assistant for IF2081 major (Algorithm & Programming), that was participated by students of Petroleum Eng. & Geophysical Eng. (part of Faculty of Earth Sciences and Mineral Technology).

In lab work they had to use Pascal to apply lesson that they had in class. We used Dev Pascal for its compiler. It's a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE), which is able to create Windows or console-based Pascal programs using the Free Pascal compiler. I like this IDE because it's GUI-based and FREE :).

Praise the Lord, no "mystical thing" (error that sometime occured "mystically" when coded something :d) hapenned this morning. If we found some "unique" errors, we just "restarted" their project and it's done :p. I hope the next lab works will be better. Nothing's wrong and the preparation will be better too :).

Wish me luck ^_^


  1. selamat bekerja kawan :D
    kalo ada kelas layanan buat anak TL aku diajak ya :P

  2. @david :
    kalo ke TL, gw juga mau buangettt kaleee :p ...
    eh, di sini juga ada yang lumayan kok ;))

  3. betul, pas ngajar wtik kemaren aku nemuin hal yang sama juga. trus suka cari2 perhatian ke asisten lg, ya udah diperhatiin aja (dengan menjawab segala pertanyaan yg keluar dari bibirnya) :D

  4. ups.. dasar jomblo itebe :)) hahaha...
    wish me luck ya :D

  5. wah anggri nih,,TP(tebar pesona) waktu praktikum kemarin.Huehehehe..peace!!